Called… For such a time as This.

I remember the first time I fell in love with the Creator of all things like the book of John says
“through Him, all things were made; without Him, nothing was made that has been made.”

I’ve noticed that when people around me learn that I’m a born-again Christian, the first question rolling off their tongues were always, how bad was your past? What tragic event lead you to this path?

These questions always felt uncomfortable, not because of the questions itself but the concept behind it. That bad things have to happen in order for us to seek God or find God and follow this path. I know that it is in the midst of a storm where the hand of God becomes undeniably real but that does not make it the basis of my faith. It’s like being saved by a lifeguard and keeping him/her around just in case you drown in life again. Without even considering that, that is a person not only a lifeguard for saving. God wants relationship, friendship and that means getting to know HIM not just His miracles. Getting to know the Creator in His Creation.

God created us, breathing His Very Own breath into our nostrils, our lungs. We are here because He thought of us, thought of creating us. God made you fearfully and wonderfully in all your ways. You are intricately made by the One who Loves You Unconditionally. He has and is always giving all of Himself not withholding one ounce of Love but opening His Heart towards you. He created the moon, the sun and billions of stars, He knows each star by name and still His most precious creation is You.

Yet once that Breath He has gracefully placed within you returns to Him, will you be able to say that you have accomplished the very purpose you were created for? That God has created you for?

I used to have this fascination with architecture and did classes in draughting. one of the things they teach you in this class and something that has not left me for all these years was, “everything you design needs to be fit for purpose.” It may be beautiful but more important than its beauty is the reason for its creation. It needs to fulfill the reason it was created even before you’re designing structure pops into your head the function of your design needs to be there. God created you with a purpose and for a purpose, that Only You Can Fulfill.

Part of fulfilling God’s purpose for our life deals a lot on Time and how we use it or spend it. Similar to money, we could waste it and end up being in debt, owing more than we have, losing years and years that we can not get back or we can plan and use every second we have discreetly, discerningly and most importantly is to use it effectively.

We have such little time here on earth and then eternity happens. Spend less time on things that won’t matter once you meet God. If it doesn’t add value at the day you meet Jesus it is not worth carrying here on earth. Approach each day as if it was the 1 of January all over again. Approach it with hope and purpose. With Joy and wonder. Approach it with prayer! Approach each and every day with Jesus.

I love looking back to the day that I fell in love with the Creator of all things, Abba Father, the Great I AM, because that was the day His purpose for my life was Re-Born or you could say Born-again and one step at a time with the Holy Spirit as my friend and teacher am i fulfilling what Our Awesome God created me for. I might not always understand God’s plan but I trust HIM and that’s important, very important, especially through seasons of chaos and moments of doubt, remember that even in those times, God is not against you but completely for you and He will help you through, step by step. I pray that you walk out the Very Purpose God has created you for because You were Destined For Greatness.


2 thoughts on “Called… For such a time as This.

  1. This is TRUTH. I love the part about designing fit for purpose, those are powerful words and carry enough weight to want to push you into your God-given purpose. May we always allow His will to be done and not our own ♥️


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