By Candra Shanice Pedro

He is Holy and asks us to be Holy as He is Holy.

Thinking it’s impossible?

Remember when JESUS DIED on the cross for our SINS so that we may come boldly to the throne of GOD, not as slaves or covered in the blood of our own sins but as CHILDREN of the LIVING GOD, REDEEMED BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB.

So what did we actually do, in order to achieve this?


Simply, Believe and Receive and at the beginning of our new found journey, the Holy Spirit walks with and works within us.

If we should think of the nature of mankind, especially in a situation where we are found having to “GIVE”, the first thing that would come to mind would be “what do I get out of having to give”? and if nothing is reciprocated in this giving, we immediately stop giving. Similar to giving we also question the motives of what is given to us, especially if it is something Freely Given. As it is well known and also something we are led to believe that in this world “nothing in life is (actually) free”.

However, over and over the Bible speaks about “Giving”

How God has Always Given! Exceedingly more than we could ever have imagined or hoped for.

From His breath of life to his Only Son dying for our sins.

This is Love! Unconditional love. Not worldly love with hidden agendas but Love that is complete, true and unwavering in all its ways.

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

John 15 verse 13


His life for our lives was freely GIVEN. No strings attached, no hidden agendas, simply Love.

Where am I going with this?

what JESUS did were sign adoption papers for us to be called FAMILY, GOD’S CHILDREN, GOD’S FAMILY. Now as the Children of the Living God, Jesus tells us, “Be Holy For I am Holy. When a child is adopted at any age or born into a family, that child will get the surname of the family they belong to. There was nothing that child did to get this surname, and as each surname is meaningful for the one carrying it. Being Holy is the surname, character and completeness of the Family of Christ carries.

You are a part of a Family, not a clan not a mob, those things would have so many restrictions and rules, instructions and step by step to do lists that will leave you more empty and feeling Hopeless to being Holy before God. Clans/Mobs are filled with an inner hatred just to be at the top. It would prefer keeping people out rather than having people come in, but the family of Christ as God’s Heart is towards each of His Children, He wants to keep adding to His family and adopting each broken heart and soul that needs love. This family isn’t measured by blood or our own blood, to say the least, but measured by the Powerful blood of the Lord Jesus Christ that was shed for us. A family that doesn’t want to stop growing.

It is only by FAITH, that we can walk freely with God and truly feel His liberty and peace. Having the Life of God inside of us and experiencing His Holiness and also presenting His Holiness into the world.

When we walk with this Family, God works within us through His Holy Spirit, as Jesus Prepares a place for us with His Father in Heaven and as God takes out each and every false god trying to be Him, they left us with the Holy Spirit who is our teacher our comforter and our friend, teaching us about our new found Family that We now Belong to. Helping you along the way, they wouldn’t reject you if you got a few things wrong, but help you through each step, that’s family for you💗.

Be Holy as the family of God is Holy

Walk with God and let the Holy Spirit lead your heart to the Holiness of their Family. Don’t try too hard, just be teachable allowing the Holy Spirit to lead the way that you should walk and Trust Him. The more time you spend with your family(of God),

[[[in The Word, in Prayer, in Worship]]]

the More you will begin to resemble them. 💗

“Be Holy for I am Holy”

It was never Religion but a call to a Relationship.



One thought on “KING JESUS (TheHolyOne)

  1. I LOVE THIS! Often times we know the price that Jesus paid for us but we don’t really fully comprehend that price and what it entails once we accept Him. It’s refreshing to read this- knowing that as He is Holy, so too should I be Holy 🙂


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