First Female Ship Builder in South Africa🇿🇦 Candra Shanice Pedro

This is me telling my story, within the measures of my Christian walk.

I grew up in Bonteheuwel, Cape Town. This has been my home for as long as I can remember. I am the youngest of four children. I have two brothers and one sister. Both my parents are retired and spending time just being loving grandparents. I was brought up in a household where prayer was and still is the foundation of our Faith.

I started my apprenticeship at Simon’s Town Dockyard in the year 2013. Once I became enrolled in the apprenticeship program, the training officer for shipbuilding at the time, Mr Rafeeq Fisher, who has been a father figure throughout my entire apprenticeship and the forerunner of fighting to get me qualified and truly a Godsend, insisted that I pursue this trade. With all his knowledge and expertise in this field, I was completely sold. Today, I do not regret my decision. In Ship Building, you’re exposed to marine joinery, sheet metal work, arc welding, gas welding, gas cutting, brazing and engineering drawings. Each section allows you to work on any vessel, regardless of the vessels purpose, shape or the material it is made of. This trade is not limited to vessels alone but allows you to do Boiler Making work as well as various types of Woodwork.

My apprenticeship was longer than most, due to some external complications which have been resolved but because of these issues, I remained an apprentice for 6 years before I qualified. Every day felt like an uphill battle. Besides my physical strength or stature being enough of a challenge for me, I had also faced seeing everyone I started alongside qualify and grow in their careers as I stayed behind waiting at the foot of a closed door. Even people who started their apprenticeship after I did, had qualified before me. I remained in one place, not moving forward or backwards but feeling completely stuck. Year in and year out and everyone around me started seeing it as well. Questions about me continuing in this trade became a norm, as it suddenly seemed as if my career had found a dead end and yet God kept guiding me to stay.

Along with staying, every person I met during my apprenticeship was someone God used me to pray for and show His love to. No matter how low I felt or what I was going through GOD still used me to encourage those around me. I prayed every day and night, fasted every year at the same time, would stay up late just worshipping with tears in my eyes and bended knees, I would pray for God to just, take over and to change my situation. The thing I never realised until this chapter of my life had come to an end was that God has been shaping my character into the goodness of His character. He was changing me and teaching me how to dance upon each disappointment that came my way and Trust His leading. He was teaching me that it doesn’t matter where I am whether in the Valley Low or the mountain top my focus, dependency and contentment need to remain on and in HIM.

If there’s something I’ve learned during this process, that might be of encouragement for those trying to achieve their goals, would be, “prepare your heart to fight for what you want to achieve in life. fight to be better, fight to do better. Fight to be more than just enough, to be the true potential that God created. Life has a way of pushing us back or pushing us down, but don’t allow it to keep you there, push forward, in everything you do. Be consistent, be hardworking, be kind but objective, it’s okay to be afraid but go for it, and do it anyway, be open-minded and always ready to learn and no matter what happens, never, ever, ever give up and once you have achieved all that you set out to do, remember to thank God, because, He always knew that you were destined for Greatness.”

Now that I am finally a qualified shipbuilder and also the First Female Ship Builder in South Africa, which is ALL GLORY TO GOD. I wouldn’t say that I’ve made it and know everything, but that I’m ready and willing to absorb everything this trade has to offer. Knowing that I can do All things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me. God Bless.

In the Waiting…

Have you ever walked through the hallway of your life’s memories and have their impressions echo the words

“He Was Here”

Jump off Each Image.

Seeing more than just the image of memories past but seeing HIM completely entangled in them.

Entirely unaware of His presence and yet this is where He Has always been right from the start. Closely knitted in every step you have ever taken. He knows every detail of our lives and He intentionally won’t miss a thing.

There were times and still are those times, where each step I’ve ever taken feels like this huge weight of downright blind faith not knowing whether it will be in line with His Will or if I’m just listening to my loud soul leading the way.

Being at a place called

The In-Between Moments.

The moments, where you are planting and having to wait for what you planted to blossom at just the right time.

The In-Between Moments

That becomes the waiting period, the period of Anticipation, the Period of Celebrating a Victory that is on its way but has Not Yet Arrived. Stuck between What Is and What Will Be.

I know life can get loud and above your owns thoughts are the voices of those around you screaming at you to doubt God or question, God. Even your own eyes will fight Gods Vision and View for your life, by watching those around you move from door to door of opportunity upon opportunities. Your emotions will tell you that the Valley is all you’ll ever get to see and no one knows how low you truly feel to be this Stuck, but Here! Right Here, in the in-between moments caught up in the mystery of the unknown, the very present moments just as your story that has already been written is slowly falling into its appointed times exactly how God has Planned it.

Here in the Waiting.




And He is Fully and Completely In Control.

God says…

He is still with you. God has and still is right beside you, never Failing to pour out His Love, His Heart just keeps pursuing you even when you’re trying to run from His Grace. He patiently waits for you to realize that Nothing and no one can stop Him from Loving you. Your worst secrets, He already knows, your weakness He already knows and He really knows everything that makes you feel helpless and hopeless to serve Him, He knows you. He still looks at you with PEACE and LOVE and still has amazing Plans for your Life, stand in Agreement with Him, Completely Agreeing.

This period of being caught in the Between moments is also known as the Hallway.

That very same Hallway where you look back at the recollection of events in your life where God has shown His faithfulness over and over and Over again, He will not fail.

Here in the Waiting is where I am taught how to be Patient, to Trust what I can not see, to Speak God’s Promises and Speak it into Existence. This where I am taught How to Pray, Here I am Humbled from a hidden pride. Here I am broken down to be built-up, to the Very Character God has always seen in me. Here I am being Prepared and Moulded because I don’t know what awaits but GOD DOES. This is where God allows us To BREATHE to REST, Because HE IS GOD and He Knows exactly what we Need, He Knows ALL Things,

So even though I feel stuck,


Even though I feel down,

I Lift Up the Name Of JESUS and Worship.

Even though I wait in anticipation at a closed door

I Dance Upon the Disappointments that try to break me down.

Forcing my Heart to Enjoy

the Period of Waiting…

I’ts not easy, alone this would be impossible but Here God Shows Himself in every way that I’ve never been alone, right from the start.

So I Wait…

Because I know once My Door of Victory Finally Opens.

I will Be Ready For It.

Called… For such a time as This.

I remember the first time I fell in love with the Creator of all things like the book of John says
“through Him, all things were made; without Him, nothing was made that has been made.”

I’ve noticed that when people around me learn that I’m a born-again Christian, the first question rolling off their tongues were always, how bad was your past? What tragic event lead you to this path?

These questions always felt uncomfortable, not because of the questions itself but the concept behind it. That bad things have to happen in order for us to seek God or find God and follow this path. I know that it is in the midst of a storm where the hand of God becomes undeniably real but that does not make it the basis of my faith. It’s like being saved by a lifeguard and keeping him/her around just in case you drown in life again. Without even considering that, that is a person not only a lifeguard for saving. God wants relationship, friendship and that means getting to know HIM not just His miracles. Getting to know the Creator in His Creation.

God created us, breathing His Very Own breath into our nostrils, our lungs. We are here because He thought of us, thought of creating us. God made you fearfully and wonderfully in all your ways. You are intricately made by the One who Loves You Unconditionally. He has and is always giving all of Himself not withholding one ounce of Love but opening His Heart towards you. He created the moon, the sun and billions of stars, He knows each star by name and still His most precious creation is You.

Yet once that Breath He has gracefully placed within you returns to Him, will you be able to say that you have accomplished the very purpose you were created for? That God has created you for?

I used to have this fascination with architecture and did classes in draughting. one of the things they teach you in this class and something that has not left me for all these years was, “everything you design needs to be fit for purpose.” It may be beautiful but more important than its beauty is the reason for its creation. It needs to fulfill the reason it was created even before you’re designing structure pops into your head the function of your design needs to be there. God created you with a purpose and for a purpose, that Only You Can Fulfill.

Part of fulfilling God’s purpose for our life deals a lot on Time and how we use it or spend it. Similar to money, we could waste it and end up being in debt, owing more than we have, losing years and years that we can not get back or we can plan and use every second we have discreetly, discerningly and most importantly is to use it effectively.

We have such little time here on earth and then eternity happens. Spend less time on things that won’t matter once you meet God. If it doesn’t add value at the day you meet Jesus it is not worth carrying here on earth. Approach each day as if it was the 1 of January all over again. Approach it with hope and purpose. With Joy and wonder. Approach it with prayer! Approach each and every day with Jesus.

I love looking back to the day that I fell in love with the Creator of all things, Abba Father, the Great I AM, because that was the day His purpose for my life was Re-Born or you could say Born-again and one step at a time with the Holy Spirit as my friend and teacher am i fulfilling what Our Awesome God created me for. I might not always understand God’s plan but I trust HIM and that’s important, very important, especially through seasons of chaos and moments of doubt, remember that even in those times, God is not against you but completely for you and He will help you through, step by step. I pray that you walk out the Very Purpose God has created you for because You were Destined For Greatness.

What do you see(unconsciously speak over yourself) when you look in the mirror?

My prayer is that…

You’ll reach the very Purpose God has created you for!

That you’ll Realise. . .

You are the Head and not the tail

You are Above and Not beneath

That, You are Victorious!!!!!…

Words and thoughts are sooooo important and this, I had to learn the hard way. It’s so easy for us to encourage other’s but when it comes to ourselves, we tend to hold back, trying not to be boastful, to be humble. I know pride is not what we’re supposed to be aiming for, under no circumstances. What I am saying is, there is power in the tongue and what we speak (especially when we have Jesus in our hearts). We need to speak what God wants for our lives, what He says about us. Everything He sings over us, writes to us, promises He declares over us daily, should be what’s on our tongues, our hearts and our minds, day and night.

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…” Proverbs 23:7 (NKJV)

The Tongue can Kill or bring to Life whatever we speak upon. It can bind us, hinder us or bring liberation. It could bring about healing and blessings or could bring many unwanted and unnecessary curses, which takes a lot of time to renounce and uproot and remove. Words are like seeds and whatever we speak, we plant and whatever we plant we reap as our harvest. So becareful what you speak, not only upon the lives of others but also and especially over yourself. Cancel whatever is spoken over your life that is anti_towards what God has for you, speak Against it! In the Name Of JESUS.

Start speaking His WORD OVER YOUR LIFE…

While you’re staring at yourself in the mirror, trying to fix each little flaw your eyes may see, SPEAK!…

His Word over you,


His Truth over you


The God given, God Driven, God Planned Purpose, over your life.

The bible says within the words of a beautiful prayer, which Jesus Himself said to pray, starting with the words “Our Father Who arts in Heaven”, There’s a part that that really stood out for me, it says “Let thy will be done, On the earth as IT IS IN Heaven” and this is so beautiful when you see that…

We are called to believe what we Can NOT See but is already in existence. We only need to speak these things into Existence here on Earth!. Bringing Heavens reality into perspective. We need to Believe God’s Truth over us, we need to speak it to Life. All His Promises over our lives, from His Beautiful word, needs to flow through us.

It might be difficult at first, but constantly speak His truth over you and eventually HIS TRUTH about you will be all that matters and will become The Only Reality.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits. -Proverbs 18:21


By Candra Shanice Pedro

He is Holy and asks us to be Holy as He is Holy.

Thinking it’s impossible?

Remember when JESUS DIED on the cross for our SINS so that we may come boldly to the throne of GOD, not as slaves or covered in the blood of our own sins but as CHILDREN of the LIVING GOD, REDEEMED BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB.

So what did we actually do, in order to achieve this?


Simply, Believe and Receive and at the beginning of our new found journey, the Holy Spirit walks with and works within us.

If we should think of the nature of mankind, especially in a situation where we are found having to “GIVE”, the first thing that would come to mind would be “what do I get out of having to give”? and if nothing is reciprocated in this giving, we immediately stop giving. Similar to giving we also question the motives of what is given to us, especially if it is something Freely Given. As it is well known and also something we are led to believe that in this world “nothing in life is (actually) free”.

However, over and over the Bible speaks about “Giving”

How God has Always Given! Exceedingly more than we could ever have imagined or hoped for.

From His breath of life to his Only Son dying for our sins.

This is Love! Unconditional love. Not worldly love with hidden agendas but Love that is complete, true and unwavering in all its ways.

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

John 15 verse 13


His life for our lives was freely GIVEN. No strings attached, no hidden agendas, simply Love.

Where am I going with this?

what JESUS did were sign adoption papers for us to be called FAMILY, GOD’S CHILDREN, GOD’S FAMILY. Now as the Children of the Living God, Jesus tells us, “Be Holy For I am Holy. When a child is adopted at any age or born into a family, that child will get the surname of the family they belong to. There was nothing that child did to get this surname, and as each surname is meaningful for the one carrying it. Being Holy is the surname, character and completeness of the Family of Christ carries.

You are a part of a Family, not a clan not a mob, those things would have so many restrictions and rules, instructions and step by step to do lists that will leave you more empty and feeling Hopeless to being Holy before God. Clans/Mobs are filled with an inner hatred just to be at the top. It would prefer keeping people out rather than having people come in, but the family of Christ as God’s Heart is towards each of His Children, He wants to keep adding to His family and adopting each broken heart and soul that needs love. This family isn’t measured by blood or our own blood, to say the least, but measured by the Powerful blood of the Lord Jesus Christ that was shed for us. A family that doesn’t want to stop growing.

It is only by FAITH, that we can walk freely with God and truly feel His liberty and peace. Having the Life of God inside of us and experiencing His Holiness and also presenting His Holiness into the world.

When we walk with this Family, God works within us through His Holy Spirit, as Jesus Prepares a place for us with His Father in Heaven and as God takes out each and every false god trying to be Him, they left us with the Holy Spirit who is our teacher our comforter and our friend, teaching us about our new found Family that We now Belong to. Helping you along the way, they wouldn’t reject you if you got a few things wrong, but help you through each step, that’s family for you💗.

Be Holy as the family of God is Holy

Walk with God and let the Holy Spirit lead your heart to the Holiness of their Family. Don’t try too hard, just be teachable allowing the Holy Spirit to lead the way that you should walk and Trust Him. The more time you spend with your family(of God),

[[[in The Word, in Prayer, in Worship]]]

the More you will begin to resemble them. 💗

“Be Holy for I am Holy”

It was never Religion but a call to a Relationship.